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Juett - Topalov (Blindfold)
Juett - Topalov (Blindfold)
(Tue, 13-May-2008)
Interview: GM Robert Fontaine and Zurab...
Interview: GM Robert Fontaine and Zurab...
(Tue, 13-May-2008)
Chess Fight - Part 1
Chess Fight - Part 1
(Sun, 12-Oct-2008)
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Nanjing 2008: Topalov wins Pearl Spring 2008.

Chess news 2008/12/20, Minister
Veselin Topalov beat Svidler in the penultimate round in Nanjing 2008 and he won Pearl Spring 2008. Others games was drawn.

Nanjing 2008 - Standings after round 9
Bu Xiangzhi5
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Pearl Spring 2008: Topalov and Xiangzhi are sharing the top

Pearl Spring Chess Tournament takes place in Nanjing, China, 11th-21st December 2008. After the first 6 rounds two players tied the leader position. They are current the highest FIDE ELO-ranked player - Bulgarian GM Veselin Topalov and the strongest Chinese GM Bu Xiangzhi. They played against each other today and finished on a draw. Bu may have missed an opportunity for more when he had a rook vs. Topalov's bishop. Next round Friday. Standings after round 7 and pairings round 8...
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FIDE Grand Prix - Elista 2008: Gashimov and Radjabob lead after 5th round

The latest Grand Prix tournament this year takes place in Elista, Kalmikia, 13th-29th December 2008. There have been a number of withdrawals due to FIDE's change of regulations, like Michael Adams and Levon Aronian's denials, but the event is still a very reasonable category 19. There is play on Christmas day!

After the first 5 rounds there two leaders - two azerbaijanian GMs - Vugar Gashimov and Teimur Radjabov. They both have 3,5/5 points. Standings after round 5, pairings round 6, official site...
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Chess Olympiad - Dresden 2008: Armenia and Georgia are!

Armenia (men) and China (women) won Chess Olympiad in Dresden (Germany).
Final team ranking:
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Chess Olympiad - Dresden 2008: Armenia won again

Armenia won against France at Chess Olympiad in Dresden by 3,5 to 0.5. The only draw in this match was between Etien Bacrot and Levon Aronian at table 1.
The strongest team of Germany lost against Israel.
The team of Russia won against USA by 2.5 to 1.5 points.
The highest ELO rated player - Veselin Topalov also won his game but it wasnt enought for Bulgaria to win against Belarus.
All results:
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Topalov - Kamsky 2009 - WCC Candidates match in Sofia (Bulgaria)

Chess news 2008/11/19, Minister
FIDE has announced that the WCC Candidates match between Veselin Topalov and Gata Kamsky will be held in Sofia (Bulgaria), 16-28 February 2009.

The announce does not seem to be "official", just as this one wasn't! We believe that this should be confirmed by a contract between FIDE and Bulgaria's side. More on the topic in the next days and weeks...
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The Chess Olympiad 2008 in Dresden: Armenia and China on the top

After the fifth round of World Chess Olympiad in Drezden Armenian men team scored 9 points and leads the event. In the fifth round leaders defeated the team of Netherlands by score of 2,5-1,5 points.
Ukraine, Germany, Russia, England and Azerbaijan have the same scores.
The team of China is undisputed leader in women's competition with 5/5.

Results and live games:
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The Chess Olympiad 2008 in Dresden is about to begin.

The 38th Chess Olympiad will be held in Dresden (Germany) from 12th to 25th of November 2008.
Just in a few days ago the Olympiad organizers announced that with a list of 152 federations to participate this edition will be record-breaking.
Armenia (men) and Ukraine (women) will defend their current team champion titles from The 37th Chess Olympiad (Turin, 2006). The Russian teams, which are always considered as the grand favourites, will seek a revenge for their blunders in last edition. With average 2750 ELO Russian men's team is the strongest rated ever.

Update 2008-11-08: The Official web site is moving to another server (and another domain!) right now. The old site version is not functional, but there is a new site system. We updated the URLs:
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Viswanathan Anand defended the World Chess Champion title in Bonn 2008

Chess news 2008/10/29, Minister
Viswanathan AnandViswanathan Anand holds the World Chess Champion title! In today's 11th game (last for WCC 2008) against Vladimir Kramnik in Bonn he agreed to draw the game. Anand holds the Chess Champion title with 6,5-4,5 final score in the WCC 2008 Match.

Here are related posts and videos to the World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand:
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World Chess Championship Match - Bonn 2008 Round 10: Kramnik - back in the game

GM Vladimir Kramnik reached his first win against Vishwanatan Anand in World Chess Championship 2008 Match in Bonn, Germany. He beat his rival In less than 30 moves today and prolong the match.
Anand still needs half a point to retain the title.
The next 11th round is on 29th of October 2008 and Indian will play with white pieces.
Watch related video: Kramnik - back in the game!
You can watch games live here.
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