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Kidon Administrator, editor, reporter; ChessWiki - author and editor Profile Kidon
Minister Administrator, editor, reporter; ChessWiki - Administrator, author and editor Profile Minister
Toto1/KhanTodor Editor, reporter; ChessWiki - author and editor Profile: Toto1, KhanTodor
Mystic_Soul Editor; ChessWiki - editor Profile: anonimous
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YOU - all users Reporters, friends; ChessWiki - authors and editors -

Our mission

En.ChessFish.com and its content is completely free and we will do anything possible to go so in future! If anyone finds our site useful and wants to support the continued development of En.ChessFish.com can help us with donations and placing advertisements on it.

Our invocation to anyone of you, chess admirers and fans

Let we all together make a site, which will provide us: news, upcoming events announces, results and pictures from tournaments around the world, viewing and downloading chess games, live games translation, chess lessons (!), e-magazine (bulletin), etc.

Let we make a chess comunity!

Anyone can write, publish and send materials in our chess portal!

To publish in this site you don't even need to be registered - just send your URL source! You can publish:

To submit an article, pictures, files and other materials please send an e-mail with feedback contact information to: web@chessfish.com

Requested data for news, calendar events and articles

  • source - web address;
  • to help editors write notices everywhere where you think it is important.

The content will be edited by a person before being published. This can be a reason for delays - between 10 minutes and 1-2 days, usually 2-4 hours.

Chess encyclopedia - ChessWiki

In our Wiki section, every chess player or any wiki user can make his personal web page. We accept up to 2 pics for any users and many more for chess players.

    Every personal web page can have 2 main section:
  • user details and his work on ChessWiki Project;
  • personal information (not necessary) - name, picture, years, education, interests, hobby, results and competitions... Links to other pictures and anything that you want.

We well provide e-mails as NAME@chessfish.com for the most active ChessWiki users - to communicate with others without sending personal address!

If you like this site - you can help us when you put our banner or text link on your site.

Advertisement on this site - contact us!

All content of this site belongs to the authors who create it!!!

Please read En.ChessFish.com terms.

All ChessWiki content is on GNU Free Documentation License!!!

Please read GNU Free Documentation License.

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