MTel Masters 2008 - Ivanchuk with 100%

Date 2008/5/10 | Topic: Chess news

MTel Masters 2008Vassily Ivanchuk won his third game in MTel Masters 2008. Ukrainian defeated Bu Xiandzhi with white in Reti Opening and had 100% success. Bu is at the other side - we can define his game today as "Total opening disaster".
In "Bulgarian game" Veselin Topalov (black) won against his WCC Second Ivan Cheparinov.
In Anti-Meran Gambit Teimur Radjabov and Levon Aronian had finished their game on a draw.

Round 3 Standings:
1Ivanchuk Vassily2740UKR* *1  113,030,03,50
2Topalov Veselin2767BUL0* *11  2,020,02,50
3Cheparinov Ivan2695BUL 0* * 11,510,01,00
4Aronian Levon2763ARM 0* * 1,000,51,25
5Radjabov Teimour2751AZE0  * *1,000,50,75
6Bu Xiangzhi2708CHN0 0 * *0,500,00,50

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