Alexandra Kosteniuk won the World Women Chess Championship 2008 in Nalchik

Date 2008/9/20 | Topic: Chess news

World Women Chess Championship 2008 - LogoThe World Women Chess Championship 2008 took place in Nalchik (Kabardino-Balkaria, Russian Federation) from 28th August to 18th September 2008.

After several rounds of eliminations, Aleksandra Kosteniuk (RUS) and Yifan Hou (CHN) met on the final in the match of 4 games.

In the first game Yifan Hou had white, but in Ruy Lopez she gave very strong initiative to Kosteniuk, which lead to 0-1 on move 48. The 2nd game was more interesting...
The 2nd game was more interesting. Kosteniuk had white and managed to clear advantage at move 43 (rook and 2 pawns for Yifan against rook and a pawn). But here, after some weak moves, she gave some initiative to the Chinese player and the game was drawn on move 57 by threefold repetition.

The 3rd game was another Ruy Lopez variant with very good play for Black (Kosteniuk). Alexandra had a pawn more in the endgame but couldn't win. The game was drawn.

4th game was the crucial game. Kosteniuk had 1 point ahead and had white. This was clear advantage for the Russian. The game was Sicilian (Scheveningen variant). Until move 25 Kosteniuk had some initiative. Yifan tried her best and took some risks, but the Russian played well and had a better position (Dynamic position - rook (Yifan) for a bishop and 2 pawns). After some more moves the game ended in a draw and Kosteniuk became the Women World Chess Champion 2008.

We transmitted all the games live in our live chess games section.

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