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Mexico 2007 World Chess Championship - Round 2 - Anand and Kramnik take the lead!

KramnikExciting 2nd round in Mexico! Anand and Kramnik won their games in round 2. They will play against each other in the 3rd round (Anand with white)! All games in round 3 start today at 21.00 CEST (14.00 local Mexican time)!!
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Anand, best rated chess player in the World, won his game against Armenian Levon Aronian. Aronian, with white, sacrificed a piece to gain some initiative, but Anand proved that this sacrifice is improper and won a full point.

The World Champion, Vladimir Kramnik from Russia, demonstrated us a new style of play (very similar to Topalov's one!). In the game with his countryman Alexander Morozevich, he completely outplayed him and won a full point. Kramnik's favorite Catalan Opening was played. The World champion sacrificed a piece (knight) and the position become unclear with very powerful attack for white. Morozevich played several "human" moves in a row and his position became untenable. Good play by the World chess champion.

Svidler and Leko played Ruy Lopez Marshall. Svidler chose rare continuation 15.Qe2 and surprised your opponent. He got a better play but may be not enough for a win and take a draw.

Gelfand and Grishchuk played "Queens Indian". The game was drawn in 23 moves.

Round 2:
Gelfand, Boris 1/2 - 1/2 Grischuk, Alexander /Queens Indian/
Aronian, Levon 0 - 1 Anand, Viswanathan /Anti-Meran Gambit/
Kramnik, Vladimir 1 - 0 Morozevich, Alexander /Catalan/
Svidler, Peter 1/2 - 1/2 Leko, Peter /Ruy Lopez Marshall/

Round 3:

Live games
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