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FIDE Grand Prix - 2008-2009

FIDE finalized the six cities for the Grand Prix and the representative nominations by the host cities. There are no FIDE Top 4 rating players, but however the players who have signed up make these tournaments to be very exiting.
Shedule and participants tables:

PlaceBaku, AzerbaijanSoci, RussiaDoha, QatarMontreux, SwitzerlandElista, RussiaKarlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Start date20th Apr 2008 30th Jul 2008 13th Dec 200814th Apr 2009 8th Aug 2009 7th Dec 2009
End date6th May 0815th Aug 200829th Dec 200830th April 200924th Aug 200923rd Dec 2009
1st day: Arrivals & Open. Ceremony4/20/20087/30/200812/13/20084/14/20098/8/200912/7/2009
2nd day: Round 14/21/20087/31/200812/14/20084/15/20098/9/200912/8/2009
3rd day: Round 24/22/20088/1/200812/15/20084/16/20098/10/200912/9/2009
4th day: Round 34/23/20088/2/200812/16/20084/17/20098/11/200912/10/2009
5th day: Round 44/24/20088/3/200812/17/20084/18/20098/12/200912/11/2009
6th day: Round 54/25/20088/4/200812/18/20084/19/20098/13/200912/12/2009
7th day: Free day4/26/20088/5/200812/19/20084/20/20098/14/200912/13/2009
8th day: Round 64/27/20088/6/200812/20/20084/21/20098/15/200912/14/2009
9th day: Round 74/28/20088/7/200812/21/20084/22/20098/16/200912/15/2009
10th day: Round 84/29/20088/8/200812/22/20084/23/20098/17/200912/16/2009
11th day: Round 94/30/20088/9/200812/23/20084/24/20098/18/200912/17/2009
12th day: Free day5/1/20088/10/200812/24/20084/25/20098/19/200912/18/2009
13th day Round 105/2/20088/11/200812/25/20084/26/20098/20/200912/19/2009
14th day: Round 115/3/20088/12/200812/26/20084/27/20098/21/200912/20/2009
15th day: Round 125/4/20088/13/200812/27/20084/28/20098/22/200912/21/2009
16th day: Round 13 & Clos. Ceremony5/5/20088/14/200812/28/20084/29/20098/23/200912/22/2009
17th day: Departure5/6/20088/15/200812/29/20084/30/20098/24/200912/23/2009
Nominated PlayerGM GashimovGM JakovenkoGM Al ModiahkiGM PelletierGM InarkievGM Navara

Name FED ELOBakuSociDohaMontreuxElistaK. VaryCk 8Criteria WRk
Peter SvidlerRUS 2763276327632763276342Pres Nom 5
Shakhriyar MamedyarovAZE 2760276027602760276042Rating 6
Peter LekoHUN 2753275327532753275341Rating 8
Vassily IvanchukUKR 2751275127512751275141Rating 9
Levon AronianARM 2739273927392739273941Rating 10
Boris Gelfand ISR 2737273727372737273741Rating 11
Teimour RadjabovAZE 2735273527352735273543Rating 12
Magnus CarlsenNOR 2733273327332733273342Wcup 13
Sergey KarjakinUKR 2732273227322732273242Wcup 14
Michael AdamsENG 2726272627262726272642Reserve 16
Gata KamskyUSA 2726272627262726272642Matches 15
Dmitry JakovenkoRUS 2720272027202720272042Hcity 17
Ivan CheparinovBUL 2713271327132713271343Pres Nom 19
Alexander GrischukRUS 2711271127112711271143Reserve 21
Etienne BacrotFRA 2700270027002700270042Pres Nom 22
Yue WangCHN 2698269826982698269843Pres Nom 25
Ernesto InarkievRUS 2681268126812681268142Hcity 34
Average rating272327302721273727242734
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