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Magnus Carlsen invites top chess players in an online chess super-tournament, starting April 18, 2020

Chess news 2020/4/2, Minister
The world chess champion Magnus Carlsen invites top-8 in online chess super-tournament, which starting April 18, 2020 and ending May 3rd, 2020.

Due to coronavirus Covid-19 spread in 200 countries so far, almost all sports events and tournaments are now cancelled, even Olympic games 2020 in Tokio was postponed. It seems this is really boring for the champion Carlsen, who invited/challenged the top-8 chess players in the strongest online chess tournament ever...

The tournament will takes place online, broadcated on Chess24.com website.

The fund is $250,000 (70+45+30+30+22.5+20+17.5+15).

The tournament rules:
- Stage 1: 8 players first compete in a single round-robin over 7 rounds
- Stage 2: The top four players after Round 7 enter the Final Four knockout - if match points are equal, game points are the first tiebreaker
- Match rules: Each match features four 15+10 rapid games, where the winner gets 3 match points and the loser 0 (zero)
- If the match ends 2:2 an Armageddon game (5 vs. 4 minutes) is played, with the winner getting 2 points and the loser 1
- The semi-finals, 3rd place match and final use the same 4-game match system to decide the overall winner. In case of draw, 2 games on blitz are played. In case of draw, an Armageddon game is played.

Around 2 billion people are now blocked at home (India, USA, Europe) and almost all sports events are off. This could make this chess tournament very exciting for many many people and sportists, which may be bored from the current quarantine and social physical distancing. Many people could find free time to watch the chess games online! Perhaps the IT companies, which support and build websites (not matter cheap, wordpress or drupal sites) would be at work (home office), as they usually work remotely anyway, but most people would have the choice and time to watch the games online.

Keep healthy or get healthy before April 18, 2020!

* A super-tournament is called when the top players with average ELO over 2700 is played...

Official web site:
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