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XXII Friendly Chess Match between USSR and Yugoslavia

Dear comerades... No its not a misprint - the XXII Friendly Chess Match between USSR and Yugoslavia teams took place 8th-9th November 2007 at the Central Chess Club of Moscow, Russia. Finaly the USSR team won the victory by 11-9. And nevertheless neither country exists on a political map, friendship is still alive. Results...

USSR vs Yugoslavia Rd 1 8th Nov 2007
Player NAT vs Player NAT Res Opening
Gligoric, Svetozar YUG - Korchnoi, Viktor USSR 0-1 Nimzo Indian Rubinstein
Vasiukov, Evgeni USSR - Ivkov, Borislav YUG 1/2 Slav Exchange
Matanovic, Aleksandar YUG - Taimanov, Mark E USSR 1/2 Sicilian Paulsen
Balashov, Yuri S USSR - Velimirovic, Dragoljub YUG 0-1 Sicilian Wing Gambit
Karaklajic, Nikola YUG - Zaitsev, Igor A USSR 1/2 Ruy Lopez Exchange
Averbakh, Yuri L USSR - Vlahovic, Svetozar YUG 1/2 Reti Opening
Spasojevic, Zoran YUG - Vorotnikov, Vladislav V USSR 1/2 Philidor's Defence
Machulsky, Anatoly D USSR - Savic, Andreja YUG 1/2 Queen's Pawn Opening
Lazarevic, Milunka YUG - Fatalibekova, Elena USSR 0-1 Sicilian Closed
Zaitseva, Ludmila G USSR - Blagojevic, Katarina YUG 1-0 Queen's Pawn Game
Rd1 USSR 6 - Yugoslavia 4
USSR vs Yugoslavia Rd 2 9th Nov 2007
Player NAT vs Player NAT Res Opening
Korchnoi, Viktor USSR - Gligoric, Svetozar YUG 1/2 Queens Indian Petrosian
Ivkov, Borislav YUG - Vasiukov, Evgeni USSR 1/2 QGA
Taimanov, Mark E USSR - Matanovic, Aleksandar YUG 1/2  
Velimirovic, Dragoljub YUG - Balashov, Yuri S USSR 1/2 Scotch Gambit
Zaitsev, Igor A USSR - Karaklajic, Nikola YUG 1/2 Centre Counter
Vlahovic, Svetozar YUG - Averbakh, Yuri L USSR 1-0 Kings Knight Gambit
Vorotnikov, Vladislav V USSR - Spasojevic, Zoran YUG 1-0 Sicilian Rossolimo
Savic, Andreja YUG - Machulsky, Anatoly D USSR 1/2 Dutch Stonewall
Fatalibekova, Elena USSR - Lazarevic, Milunka YUG 1/2 Dutch
Blagojevic, Katarina YUG - Zaitseva, Ludmila G USSR 1/2 Sicilian Classical
Rd2 USSR 5 - Yugoslavia 5
Final Score USSR 11 - Yugoslavia 9

Official web site: http://www.chessmoscow.ru/index.php?topicID=422
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